It’s only the second day of the week and I feel so much has happened already in terms of progression with my idea. I have received lots of feedback from both tutors and Turner Duckworth after pitching my idea to them Tuesday aftertoon.

I’m going to start by going back to last Thursday (1st October) when I had a catch up with my Tutor due to missing part of Wednesday’s lecture due to a dodgy Wi-Fi connection. Originally, this was going to be a quick overview of what I had missed, including that we were going to be pitching our initial ideas to Turner Duckworth on Tuesday.

At that point, my idea was to change the target audience of Wimpy from pensioners to young adults and rebrand so that it becomes visually appealing to them and nice enough that it could fit on a high street. However, after considering my ideas and listening to peers, I felt that I needed to create an idea which will stand out and be more out there. On Thursday’s session, my tutor and I were discussing themes I wanted to include and the one that stood out to me was the British theme. Whilst brainstorming, my tutor mentioned a Red Bus and the potential to have a restaurant inside one.

From that point, ideas were coming to me about how I could make this bus a social event with friends, maybe having a beer with your Wimpy burger. I then thought about how I could collaborate with other brands, local artists and even micro-brewerys to make Wimpy part of the ‘culture’.

I created the pitch for my idea, including a moodboard of the style I was aiming towards. This included an alternative style, linking back to the 60s but keeping that British theme running. I created the first ‘Burger person’ — a collage inspired by Monty Python which would look extremley bold and strange on the side of the bus.

After pitching my idea to Turner Duckworth creatives, which suprisingly went pretty well, they gave me feedback. This included:

  • Making my idea have longjevity — Ensuring that it isn’t just a campaign and something which can make Wimpy compete longer.

I will make sure that whatever I create will fit in as part of the new ‘Wimpy’ brand. All assets used will be part of a new style I create for Wimpy and will be flexible.

  • Ensure that the Bus doesn’t look like a normal London Bus.

I will create a set of bold graphics on the side of the bus, using the Burger People idea combined with British inspired collage to make it vibrant and alternative.

  • Potentially looking into pensioners — Maybe Bus tickets that are given to them and make this idea relevant to my theme.

I will look into ways I can incorporate old themes of Wimpy, as after all this was the first UK burger chain.

  • Own the Britishness — Make the theme more relevant. Make it connect with Britain. Use more features other than the Bus to make Wimpy British.

I will look up iconic British ideas to be a part of British inspired burger collages. These can be unique for each city that the bus runs is. As well as this, the British theme will run through to the overall branding, merchandising and assets of the brand.

For the most part, I had already thought about ways I could incoprate these points previously. But it was good to ensure that I am on the right path from just my idea that I pitched. It is also fantastic food for thought from some of the best creatives out there as I didn’t think about the longjevity side of it and got caught up in this awesome fun bus. The pensioners Idea is also something I can explore and see if there is anything I can take away from that.

1 October 2020 — LMC